The Founder

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Bryan is a 2011 graduate from The College of William and Mary majoring in Economics.

Through professional football Bryan realized that he genuinely found joy in fitness. The team at MiscFiT has a strict regiment that no question will get you into shape.

WARNING! Training at MiscFiT Is Not for Everyone Are You Up for the Challenge?

There is a good reason why many celebrities as well as thousands of woman have decided to trust MiscFiT with their bodies. They deliver.

However, training at MiscFiT isn’t the easiest thing you will do, so if you are not ready to go all-in – don’t bother filling out an application.




MiscFiT is a private INVITE ONLY fitness studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a modern state-of-the-art training facility designed to create the ultimate fitness experience. Our sessions take place in groups led by professionals who have experienced training at its highest levels. Our sessions are competitive, fun and supportive and our ultimate goal is to provide clients with the tools they need to see real results and to not only transform their bodies but also transform their lives!


We know we are DIFFERENT and we embrace it. Our strong interdisciplinary team is made up of professionals that bring experience and knowledgeto all areas.

Strength and conditioning are mixed with functional training to assist our clients in reaching their goals in our training sessions. Our sessions are different. We guarantee our clients will receive the ultimate MiscFiT experience.



Although I've only been training with him for a few weeks I can honestly say MiscFIT is awesome! I suffer from Lupus and he only pushes me to do my best! He doesn't get discouraged if I'm having a rough day and can't do as much. He makes it a positive experience and modifies things for me when needed!

- Hallie

I started to see results pretty quickly, and have gotten compliments and baby abs in just a month. I truly look forward to seeing his friendly face and busting my ass hard for the body that'll put me at my best. Several friends have started training with ys, and the group sessions are affordable and fun! Can't recommend him enough.

- Jaime

I am SO much stronger after starting to work with Bryan less than a year ago. I love working out at MiscFit has created a community of extremely like-minded, motivated, and passionate individuals that show up every day with the mission to be better and push others to be better. I have NEVER been pushed this hard in a workout, but they also consistently encourage me and always holds me accountable. The enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to helping others be the best version of themselves is unmatched. I cannot recommend anyone more than Bryan and MiscFit!

- Mary Olszewski

There are trainers across Atlanta that will tell you they’re the best but the story - the why behind this work - is unmatched. His passion pours out of every workout, every clap … he’s no none-sense. But that’s exactly what you need. What you’re quietly hoping for. Any trainer can take your money - there’s a special place for those COACHES that are invested in taking you to your next level. That’s Bryan. That’s MiscFiT!

- Carmen

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